MARGO : Material of glacial origin and its fate in the ocean

The MARGO study sites are in the Kerguelen Islands region. This archipelago is located in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean in the heart of the 50th roaring ocean region. It is made up of many islands and islets with a surface area of 7215 km2 (For more information

The classic route for scientists traveling to Kerguelen is to first reach Reunion Island, and then to embark on the Marion Dufresne.




The map below locates the different study sites of the terrestrial part of MARGO_LAND. The yellow circles represent the sites sampled in January 2020 during a preparatory project.  The yellow dots locate the sites sampled in January 2023 and the green dots locate the sites planned for January 2024.

La carte ci dessous localisent les sites marins qui vont être visités en Janvier/Février 2024 par le Marion Dufresne (MARGOCEAN) et la Curieuse (MARGO_BAY)