MARGO : Material of glacial origin and its fate in the ocean

The large number of samples collected during MARGO expeditions are then analysed in the laboratories.

Chemical analyses are used to determine the composition of samples of dissolved or particulate matter. The methods used are :

  • flow segmented anaylsis with colorimetric detection for major nutrients
  •  ICP-MS analysis for minor elements (metals) and major elements  (sodium, potassium ..).
  • high temperature oxydation and infra red detection for dissolved inorganic carbon

Isotopic analysis by mass spectrometry are used to determine the proportion of the different isotopes of carbon and silicon in the samples.

Scanning electron microscopy provides information on the structure and the composition of the particles.

Flow cytometry analysis allows the determination of the abundance of microorganisms.

Technics of molecular biology are used to extract DNA and RNA of microorganisms that are then sequenced.Bioinformatic methods allow to identfy the microorganisms and their genes.